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Welcome to The Children’s Place and Parent Education Center

For all their magic, the early years of childhood provide some of the most stressful of human experiences for parents. However, few parents have access to a community support network that provides them with role models of positive parenting skills, child development information, group-play for their children and quality short-term childcare.


2015pics-005The Children’s Place and Parent Education Center (TCP) was founded in 1978 by a group of parents and community professionals who saw a need in the Concord area for educational and support services for families with children under the age of six years old.

The Children’s Place is managed by early childhood education professionals, a family support coordinator and a community-wide base of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering childcare services or assisting us in managing and maintaining The Children’s Place, please contact us today!

The Children’s Place Mission Statement
The Mission of The Children’s Place is to enhance and strengthen families by offering support services, childcare and group play, parent education, and community outreach programs. We are a group of parents, children, and professionals who come together to articulate to the community respect for and understanding of, children, as well as the importance of parenting.Mission Picture

Our Facilities
TCP’s facilities consist of both indoor and outdoor play areas. Please take a minute and view some of the photos of our facilities. If you’re interested in renting the Facilities, please view our services page.

Our History

In the year 1977, a non-profit organization named Concord Parents and Children was formed. On the following year of 1978, The Children’s Place opened its doors to the public serving as a family resource center. Sometime in the early 1980’s, a service called Communication Skills Workshop was added to the program. In 1983, the Family Resource Program (now known as the Family Support Program as of 2000) began. Around 1986, Building Blocks for Better Families was added to the parent education program. In the late 80’s, the New Parents Support Group was established and evening presentations began for that service started in 1996.

20 years after the formation of Concord Parents and Children in 1997, The Children’s Place hired its first Executive Director and on the following year of 1998, permanent home at 27 Burns Avenue in Concord was purchased for the exclusive use of the program. Later that year, the Advisory Board of local community leaders and professionals was created.

In 2001, the Toddler Group was formed and The Children’s Place began collaborating with Heights Neighborhood Family Center. More recently, in 2002 the Music and Me group was formed within the program and in 2003, the non-profit organization Concord Parents and Children amended its organization name to The Children’s Place and Parent Education Center.

Our Team

  • Debbie Farr, Ph.D. – Center Director
  • Christina Vassillion – Lead Teacher
  • Heather Thibodeau – Assistant Teacher
  • Kathleen Jaworski – Office Manager

Board of Directors


  • Mary Stuart Gile – President
  • Cat Jones
  • Celia Goyette- Treasurer
  • Pam Young – Assistant Treasurer
  • Carol Nelson
  • Jodi Roos
  • Pam Young
  • Carolyn Hughes
  • Steve Baker
  • Chris Jordan
  • Heidi Schmidt
  • Maleeka Lloyd

Associate Directors

  • Chris Jordan (Parent Representative)


  • Andrew Fortier – Webmaster

Advisory Board

  • Mary Davidson- Past President
  • Wayne Geher – Nathan Wechsler, PA
  • Laurel Will – Past President, Past Treasurer and Past Bookkeeper of TCP

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